Common Causes of Lower Left Abdominal Pain

You feel pain at a certain point when point tenderness is experienced by your abdomen. Health physicians and pros term the difficulty abdominal tenderness. It identifies the improper functioning of greater than one organ enclosing the pressure point. This ailment must be approached by you as a medical emergency. Pain in the left side of the lower abdomen is caused by an invasion of your umbilicus pointed in a straight course up to your waist.

The illness is often witnessed among the elderly folks and women. Several traits Crohn’s disease etc.form, such as trapped wind, kidney infection, celiac disease can cause lower left abdominal pain.

The human abdomen is split into four parts; the gallbladder and liver form the initial part; belly and diode from the second; the appendix is the third part, as well as the last part, comprises of the sigmoid colon. Pelvic organs ailments are related to malfunction of the organs in the fourth and 3rd part because these regions include of the fallopian tubes and the ovaries referred to as McBurney’s point.

Trapped Wind

Sometimes when you don’t speak excessively while eating a little volume of air is trapped in the food pipe or chew food properly. Due to indigestion that is appropriate, the bowel lumen swells because of internal pressure created by the air that is trapped. Therefore, you develop pain in the lower abdomen. Symptoms of trapped wind contain:

Bloating, despite the fact that you’re totally healthy
Consistent cramps in the abdomen that is low
Loud noises during bowel movements also known as farting

It refers to atypical and hard bowel movements. It really is a common health ailment that affects any individual, regardless of age.

Symptoms with this health condition comprise:

Bowel movements that are reduced
Little stools, hard stools
Feeling of incomplete feces
During passing bowels straining
Stomach pain
Several variables attribute to the evolution of this health problem including:
Improper digestion
Less consumption of fiber and water
Physical activity
Excessive use of laxatives
Excessive consumption of dairy food things
Ingestion of antacids
It refers to a gastrointestinal problem caused due to unusual pain in the abdomen, bloating, and change in bowel habits. Major outward indications of IBS include:

Food allergy as a result of consumption of cabbage, beans, fruits, chocolate, cauliflower, fats, milk, spices, alcohol and carbonated beverages.
Tension and tension results in other digestive difficulties that might lead to IBS, constipation, along with improper digestive system.
Hormonal changes
Diarrhea and also other intestinal ailments because of excessive development of bacteria.
Inflammation of the pelvic muscles

This is a health disorder prevailing in girls. Due to an infection, a girl develops inflammation of her uterus, cervix, ovaries too as her fallopian tubes.

Lower stomach pain followed by dull or persistent cramps in the reduced part of the belly. The pain increases during urination, bowel movements or sexual intercourse.
Excessive pressure on the pelvic region
Pain in the lower back
Unusual vaginal discharge – brownish, green, or yellow
Irregular menstruation
Burning sensation or pain during urination

During the aging process, our human body undergoes several changes. There are several other factors also that result in the inflammation of our diverticulum i.e. an outpouching consisting of of a structure – hollow or fluid like. Inflammation of the diverticulum is referred to as a disorder where the feces are put in the outpouch that causes lower left stomach pain is –ed by diverticulitis.

Major outward indications of the health ailment include:

Unexpected pain and distress in the left side of the abdomen that is lower
Secretion of blood during bowels
Reduced appetite
Nausea or temperature
Lower abdomen distention
Ectopic Pregnancy

2011-tubal-ectopic pregnancy
It refers to some health state causing pain. It describes a situation where the fetus is unable to go into the uterus after fertilization; hence, the fetus acreages at another area of the abdomen.

Serious symptoms with this health condition include:

Abdominal pain from dreary reaching to the amount that is acute
Vaginal bleeding
Pain at the shoulder points
It is caused due to ulcers and inflammation of the colon and also the rectum wall.

Serious outward indications of this health illness are as follows:

Improper schedule of bowel movements
Cramps and pain in the reduced left abdomen
Incomplete feces
Weight loss
While passing feces bleeding
Ulcers in the mouth
Joint pains
Eye pain in afflictions that are critical
Skin rashes on leg and the shin
Ovarian Cyst

It refers to the creation of cyst, i.e. a sac filled with fluid in either of the ovaries.

Major symptoms are:

Bloated abdomen or bloating
Pain during bowel movements
Pain in the pelvic area during menstruation
Pain during sexual intercourse
Tenderness of the breasts